Spice up your Taste Buds – Punjab to Hornchurch

Inspired by her mother-in-law, who passed away in 2016 and had always wanted to run a restaurant, Honey and her husband Sukh have set up a new venture with the aim of bringing a taste of authentic Punjabi cuisine to the streets of Havering.

This means a real emphasis on depth of flavour, and dishes that are slightly spicier, and less sweet than traditional British high street fare.

The restaurant’s all- Indian kitchen team are the key to unlocking the potential of a real curry, something for which there is a growing hunger among the British public. A food revolution that started in trendy districts of London and Manchester is now slowly rolling its way out to the suburbs.

“Our friends would come around for dinner parties, “Sukh explains, “and complain that there was nowhere to eat out serving the dishes we’d make. Before we opened, there were no Punjabi restaurants in Hornchurch.”

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